(H)Appy Logies was a contemporary dance, performance and live art duo, composed of Irene Pomatto and Inês d'Almeÿ, that formed in late 2006 in the UK, and worked together until September 2009.

Inês d'Almeÿ
is currently working on various performance projects.

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(H)Appy Logies, Inês d'Almeÿ
worked around the visceral in the every day, the human in the routine, the sublime in the domestic, the political in the personal, the individual in the social structure.

She explored the violent, profoundly human experiences of desire, obsessive behaviors, hysteria and love in the settings of the daily life and of the ordinary, highlighting these feelings in a humorous, disturbing, contemplative or meditative way.
(H)Appy Logies shaped tense and intense atmospheres that form partly improvised, mainly non narrative performances.

During these very visual, political actions, the common, the every day, and the domestic was revealed and turned into an engaging, emotionally charged experience, or a disturbingly funny farce in which the personal and the political mingle and unravel raw, sublime humanity.

(H)Appy Logies toured across Europe presenting their live performances in Edinburgh, Berlin, Poznan, Trollathan, Barcelona, London, Bristol, Manchester and Paris in venues such as CUBE Microplex, ActArt,Duckie, Beaconsfield Gallery, Centre of Contemporary Arts of Barcelona, Area 10, Invalid Gallery , Institut Franco-Portugais, la Miroiterie or SHUNT VAULTS, and in festivals such as Leed's Ladyfest, Deviant Festival in Sweden and Camberwell's art Festival.

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